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14TH Navaratri Celebration


আগামি ইং ১৩ই এপ্রিল শনিবার ১৪তম নবরাত্রী উপলক্ষে অন্নপূর্না পূজা ও মহাপ্রসাদ বিতরন । পূজার সময়সূচি - অষ্টমী সকাল ১১.১৮ মি. সন্ধি পূজারম্ভ ১১.১৮ মি. হইতে ১২.০৬ মি.

১২.৩০ মি. হইতে মহা প্রসাদ বিতরন। সন্ধ‍্যা ৭ঘটিকায় কুমারী পূজা। আপনার উপস্থিতি কাম‍্য।

ইতি - মাতৃসাধক দেবাশীষ ব‍্যানার্জী।

*** Basanti Navaratri 2019 ***

Welcome to the 14th Year of Celebration

Dear Devotees,

I am glad to inform you that on 6th April Saturday we will initiate *Ma Tara Navaratri* along with 9 days Maha Yagna at my  home temple in Kolkata.

In this auspicious occasion all of you are cordially invited. You are also heartily invited on 13th April,Saturday afternoon to have the Mahaprasad during *Astami and Navami conjuction day (Sandhi puja).* *Kumari Puja* will be also performed on the same day evening .

Request everybody those who are interested to participate to please contact me in advance in my below mentioned Mobile phone / WhatsApp and email. Donations are welcome.

Negative / Jealous / Oversmart / Indisciplined people should stay away.

With Best Wishes,

Matrisadhak Debasish Banerjee

9830740378 /9088235067

E mail: makankali07@gmail.com

Himachal Pradesh Religious and Devotional Trip 2018

Himachal Pradesh


I frequently visit holy places for pilgrimage to pray for my Bhaktas / Devotees and gain spiritual energy to serve those in need.

Myself and a small group of devotees are proceeding to Himachal Pradesh for devotional trip from 26 October to 4 November. We plan to cover Ma Jawalaji | Ma Bagalamukhi (Pitambara peeth)| Ma Chintpurni | Ma Brajeswari | Ma Naina Devi | Baijnath | Dharamshala | Ma Veemakali | Ma Chamunda Devi | Mcleodganj | Manali and Solan. Three yagnas are planned for the welfare of my Bhaktas in this trip. Bhaktas who wish me to pray for them can contact me.

Ma Chamunda Devi Temple
Ma Bagalamukhi Devi Temple
Ma Chintpurni Devi Temple
Ma Jwala Devi Temple