Tantra Rituals

Ancient tantrik texts mention about Dasa (10) Mahavidya who are worshipped to seek all sorts of powers. and fulfilment of wishes. Mahavidya worship is also known as Sadhana in which worshipper concentrates on a single Goddess to please and to seek her blessings. In any Sadhana, Yantra (sacred drawings/mandalas) and Mantra (chantings) are considered very effective mediums through which worshippers can reach their target and fulfil their wishes. The Yantra is a geometric symbol existing in the external world as well as a subject to be internalized within human consciousness.

I perform the following Dasa Mahavidya tantrik rituals for my bhaktas and well wishers:

Mahakali (Kali) | Tara | Shodashi | Bhubaneswari | Bhairavi | Chhinnamasta | Dhumavati | Bagalamukhi | Matangi | Kamala. Dasa Mahavidyas are headed by Ma Durga (a form combining all Mahavidyas) and controlled by Lord Shiva.

Navaratri Mahakali Yagna

Preparation for dedicated rituals start once I am approached by a Bhakta for a solution to his/her problems or for fulfilling his/her dreams. There are pre ritual and post ritual work to complete the cycle and after that at least a yearly ritual is required for continuous prosperity of the Bhakta, similar to a booster dose. I continue working for the Bhakta till he/she achieves intended results; sometimes this may take months or years depending on the complexity of problems and results intended. Yearly rituals can be done as part of Navaratri or other major Pooja/ritual which I do at my home temple. Most of my Bhaktas return  to me for continuous work for their ongoing prosperity due to my result oriented work.

Except for emergencies, I prefer advance notice of a month or more to book my appointment for a dedicated ritual. This is required to determine the correct date and time for the required ritual as per the problem and the natal charts of the Bhakta. I use the best of available natural ingredients, herbs and offerings to have an positive and intended impact. Further, arrangements need to be made for out station travel, if required, including booking of hotels/guest houses and suitable transport based on the group size. I prefer small groups wherever possible to have focused / impactful work done and avoid dissipating spiritual energy. Multiple rituals, if required and requested by Bhaktas, need to spread over days as it puts tremendous physical and spiritual pressure on me and the Bhaktas. Cost of the ritual ingredients/material, transport, lodging, food and miscellaneous need to be borne by the Bhakta as required.

I must put a disclaimer here that devotional tantrik work is not magic and Bhaktas need to have patience. Results depend on the Goddess worshipped.

MA KALI - Kali is the Hindu Goddess of time, of change, of destruction. She is worshipped for religious, wealth, power, protection from enemies, enemy destruction, dream fulfilment. etc. Kali sadhana through tantrik rituals is based on Kali yantra. I perform Kali rituals in her Dakshinakali and other forms in my home temple, in holy places like Kankalitala, Phullara/Labhpur, Attahaas, Nalhati, etc. For special purposes and to achieve special objectives I also travel to Himalayas and perform Kali rituals in Naina Devi, Jwala Devi, Chamunda Devi, Chintpurni Devi,  Brajeswari Devi etc. These five Shakti peethas are situated in state of Himachal Pradesh in India.

MA TARA - She is worshipped for education, dream, business etc. Ma Tara is worshipped in different forms in Hindusim and Vajrayana Buddhism. According to some tantrik texts she can be worshipped in 21 different forms for different purposes. Some of the key ones are Green Tara and White Tara.

Green Tara
  • Green Tara: Green Tara is the embodiment of compassion, action, and healing from fear and ignorance. Her energy is often depicted as young and playful.  Worshipping her helps in managing pride, eliminating delusion/ignorance, eliminating hatred anger, jealousy, fanatical views. She helps in managing desire and attachment and conquering evil spirits and demons.
  • White Tara: White Tara is worshipped especially for health, healing and longevity. She fulfills our wishes and grants us happiness, long life, as well as helps us develop wisdom. She has the power to remove obstacles in your life and to prolong your life.

I perform Tara rituals in my home temple, Tarapith Mahasmashan, abode of Ma Tara and Kankalitala for my bhaktas and well wishers. However these can be performed at other Shakti peethas based on requirement.

MA SHODASHI - She is worshipped for everything, specially in the form of Ma Kamakhya.



MA BHUBANESHWARI - She is worshipped for marriage, good relationship between husband and wife, gaining wealth,  etc.




MA BHAIRAVI - She is worshipped for everything as well as some critical issues. Her most important mantra is:




MA CHHINNAMASTA - She is worshipped for protection from gambling, addiction of alcohol, protection from crimes, illicit relationship etc.





MA DHUMAVATI - She is worshipped specially for defeating hidden enemy, divorce related matters, quarrels etc.





MA BAGALAMUKHI - She is worshipped for destruction of enemy, winning court cases, overcoming marital issues, stopping evil work and many more. The most powerful Bagalamukhi mantra is:



MA MATANGI - She is worshipped for success in higher education, service, business etc.




MA KAMALA - she looks for exclusively money and wealth as well prosperity. Called also Dhanada.




Apart from these MA DURGA; she is worshipped covering all of above which can be done exclusively on the eve of Navaratri for 9 days with extensive work.




MAHAMRITYUNJAYA  -  Done specially by worshipping LORD SHIVA for dream fulfilment, spiritual upliftment, overall power, health, marital harmony, peace, relationship and many more. Ideal and suitable days for work are Shivaratri and entire Shravan month of Hindu calendar.


Kali_Tantrik Form
Kali Yantra
Tara Yantra
Shodashi Yantra
Bhuwaneswari Yantra
Bhairavi Yantra
Chhinnamasta Yantra
Dhumavati Yantra
Bagalamukhi Yantra
Matangi Yantra
Kamala Yantra
Durga Yantra
Maha Mrityunjay Yantra