About Me

I, Matrisadhak Sri Debasish Banerjee will like to introduce myself for devotional tantra based work. I perform rituals through DASA MAHAVIDYA work for those in need and those who have faith. I am devoted to the Mother Goddess.

At Ma Bunkeswari Mahasmashan

For the last 30 years I am engaged in this field of tantra and devotion, carrying positive work with a reputation as well as fulfillment of positive dreams for my all bhaktas (devotees) and well wishers. I offer my services throughout India and abroad with a result oriented performance.

Prior to my full time engagement for devotional work, I have worked many years as a professional for multiple reputed companies. The last company I worked for was Hosokawa Micron B.V, of Netherland as a Private Secretary to the Technical Director. Before that I have worked for the large Indian conglomerates in administrative and secretarial positions.

I have been one of the early adopters of computers and technology in my professional life and further in my devotional work. I am well aware of latest developments in the world of technology and developments in the world. I subscribe to multiple news inputs and keep myself updated. I use technology for astrological calculations, natal charts, horoscopes and determining auspicious time for rituals (shubha muhurtas).

I undertake work in all religious places like Varanasi | Haridwar | Kamakhya | Rishikesh | Rajrappa | Bunkeswari | Kankalitala | Tarapith | Bakreshwar | Nalhati | Labhpur-Fullara | all Prayags | Badrinath | Kedarnath | Gangotri and in other holy places of Himalayan Region. These are the holy places in India where ritual based tantra work gives faster and intended results.

I perform NAVARATRI in two slots March / April and September / October since 2000 at my seat of worship in my home temple. I have completed 22 Navaratri's till date worshipping the Dasa Mahavidya's in their different forms, considered an achievement in the tantra based devotional path.

My Personal Philosophy

No black magic or destructive work is performed - only transparent and positive work undertaken. Negative and suspicious people should stay away, as faith, dedication and patience is required to achieve results.

My methodology and approach of work to solve the problems faced by Bhakta and well wishers involves:

  • People - The presence of the Bhakta or person who needs help or is facing a problem. Other people
    Bagalamukhi Yagna@Ma Bunkeswari Mahasmashan

    accompanying him/her also have an impact, hence it is important to have only spiritual and positive minded people in the group. Ritual can be performed in absence of Bhakta also, but has slightly lesser impact. The natal chart of the Bhakta plays a major role in determining the solution.

  • Period - The auspicious time as per Hindu panchang (calendar) and stars/planets to perform tantrik rituals. Performing the ritual in the most auspicious time increased the power and impact of the ritual.
  • Place - The right holy place(s) where the tantrik rituals will give the  best result depending on the problem. Different problems require different Deity or Goddess/God  to be worshipped for best results. For example Mahamrityunjaya ritual for Lord Shiva is best for health related problems.
  • Process - The right tantrik ritual or process based on Dasa Mahavidya which can solve the problem. Depending on the problem and natal chart of the Bhakta, the right ritual is chosen to solve the problem. For example, to win court cases or defeat enemies usually, Ma Bagalamukhi is worshipped. However this differs from case to case and a decision is taken by me by considering all aspects of the problem including the malefic planets in the natal chart.

My devotional work and rituals are for benefit of my Bhaktas only. Unlike many others I do not sell Yantras, Kavach/Amulets, Gemstones etc. commercially like a shop. Kavach/amulets and yantras requires high levels of craftmanship on the right metal/materials to prepare based on the original drawings from ancient tantrik texts. Further many hours of poojas, japas, chanting and rituals are required for these to be activated to be fruitful. Hence I avoid selling them commercially.  I prescribe or prepare these only if I feel the need and benefit of same in a particular case, which is rare.

I welcome all Bhaktas and well wishers to visit my site, visit my home temple in-person or reach out to me online with their problems or dreams. I will try my best to invoke the blessings of Goddess to solve the problems or fulfil the genuine dreams/wishes of my Bhaktas.