Welcome to my website. This website is a tribute to Ma Kankali, and Indian Tantra.  Ma Kankali (mother Kankali) is the patron Goddess of Kankali Tala (abode of Kankali). I am devoted to Ma Kankali and blessed by her in my path of devotional work.

Kankali Tala is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, revered abodes of Shakti (or Ma Sati) where body parts of Ma Sati fell, according to Indian shastras(holy books) and mythology. Shakti (the principal mother goddess of Hinduism also worshipped as Ma Kali, Ma Chandi etc. in her different forms) The Kankal (skeleton) of Ma Sati fell here while Lord Sri Vishnu dismembered her body to stop the Tandava Nritya of her husband Lord Shiva and save the worlds from destruction. Some believers think it may be the waist of Ma Sati which fell here and not the skeleton as Kankal also loosely translates to waist in Bengali, the local language. Irrespective of beliefs it is a major Shakti peeth and a favourite place of tantriks (practitioners of tantra) to do sadhana, or rituals.

Kankali Tala temple complex consists of the main mandir (temple) of Ma Kankali, the adjoining sacred pond where the Kankal fell, the temple of Bhairav Ruru (Shiva, Ma Kankali's consort) and the holy Smashan (Hindu cremation area) area with the ashram right next to it. An excellent description of the temple complex with photos can be found here. The holy Smashan is where the tantrik rituals are performed after dusk.

Ma Tara

Kankali Tala is around 170 Kms from Kolkata, the nearest International airport. It falls under Birbhum district of West Bengal state, situated in the Eastern part of India. Nearest landmark is the famous Visva-Bharati University, Shantiniketan (Bolpur) founded by Nobel laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore which is around 10 Kms away from the temple. This central University is famous world wide for its performing arts and visual arts courses. Also the associated school 'Patha Bhavan' which imparts education in natural surroundings outside classroom as 'Gurukul'.

Matrisadhak Debasish Banerjee

Shantiniketan route is also well connected by trains with Bolpur-Shantiniketan railway station and has multiple trains from Kolkata (Howrah / Sealdah stations). The township is connected with all parts of India through good roads; the four lane National Highway 2 (NH 2/2B) running close by. Multiple private and state government buses run daily from Kolkata to Shantiniketan. Cabs can be hired from Kolkata to Shantiniketan and back on a hourly or distance (per Km) based rates.

Hotels, guest houses with basic amenities, resorts, restaurants and shops can be found in Santiniketan (Bolpur) township. There are Airbnb affiliated guest houses also. Most hotels allow online booking. The township is famous for handicrafts made of wood, clay (terracotta), paper, textiles, leather etc. The local clothing of Kantha stitch and batik print are also very famous and are exported.

Tarapith, abode of Ma Tara and famous Siddha peetha is about 60 Kms from Shantiniketan and is well connected through road. Other Shakti peethas nearby are Phullara in Labhpur, Bahula in Ketugram, Nalateshwari in Nalhati, Nandikeswari in Sainthia, Mahishmardini in Bakreshwar, Mangal Chandi in Ujani Guskara etc. I have been blessed to visit all these peethas frequently for devotional work.